Monday, January 18, 2010

{ Booty }

So, I thought I would share some of my treasure hunting with you!
I've got my eye out for certain things and I love the digging and searching for them,
I just love the hunt!
So, here's a gorgeous Fall sweater that my friend actually had for her daughter
and I loved it, but not the price! So, I'm glad I held out b/c I found it
at the thrift store in K's size-to-be for Fall and very gently used for $3.95!!!!
But, alas, to my utter joy, it was HALF-OFF!!
$2 BUCKS PEOPLE!! eeeeee!!!
Then, off to the next thrift store, I stumbled upon this coordinating skirt!
It was also from Gymboree and in the same size as the sweater!
Price: $2.99
Seriously, a Gymboree outfit, very gently used, coordinating pieces
and sized perfectly to fit her this Fall for $5 BUCKS!!
So, those of you who know me, you know I may or may not be
mildly OBSESSED with animal prints and hot pink.
This little Carter's skirt is velor, super gently used, and was only $3 bucks!
(And I do believe Gymbo has a new line that looks just like this! Bonus!)
So, the next 4 things here were all bought at the same thrift store.
I went with my Dad this day and didn't even notice that there was a sale
b/c it was actually during a weekday that we went and usually Saturdays are the Big sales.
So, when I treasure hunt, I really, really weigh in, once I'm about to head to check-out,
to see if I really reallllly need the stuff I put in my cart.
So, here I was thinking,
"Will I really wear this on her in 2 years when she actually fits in it, etc."
and I just figure, "Well, I can just give it away to friends if I end up not using it.
Just too good of a deal to pass up and leave here!"

So, here are the steals of that day:
Above is a really sweet little white Gap denim like jacket with the neatest
collar button over snap. Love it! Love the price: $2.92
Here's the 5T cream vest from Gymboree that I was debating for a while.
It was washed so it would fit earlier that 5 years old from shrinkage.
It is stainLESS and couldn't have been been worn much at all.
It was virtually bran new without tags.
I know, a no-brainer, right? At $2.92.
But, you know, sometimes I feel like I might have a mild hoarder gene in me
and it freaks me out. So, I'll try to "prove" to myself that I can leave a good deal behind.
Well, not today, fellas.
It was just too cute and timeless.
This was just so bold and cute that I had to have it for K.
It's from Gap and a 3T and only $2.92!
This was a stretch for my taste and the sizing isn't the greatest for K,
but Gymboree items are so well made and the corduroy is extremely gently used.
The buttons really sold me, thinking to myself, "Well, the buttons alone on this jacket would be $3 bucks from Joann's, so why not get the whole thing from the same $3 bucks?!
(Conversations with the red devil on my shoulder, no doubt!)
So, I get up to the register and my bill was waaay lower than expected.
I said, "That can't be right."
She said it was HALF-OFF everything today!!!
Dude, a buck fitty for each of those items!!!!!!!
And, to top it off, my Dad bought everything for me.
Very awesome day.
This cute apothecary jar was $.95. good.
Half-off, even better!
Entire swim outfit, from 2 different thrift stores, tags on the drawers.
$10 Mossimo & Quiksilver

Treasure hunting is such a fun hobby. I absolutely prefer to shop this way... not for everything, of course, but for most things in a growing family, it is a great option for us.
I will keep you updated on my {booty!} lol