Monday, January 25, 2010

{ Crazy Fun }

M: "Dada, where are we going?"
Bran: "We're going CRAAAAAAZY!!!" (in a silly voice)
M: "Noooooo we're noooooot, DaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaa!!!" (laughing)

---Driving about 15 minutes---

M: "Are we still going to Cheezie's Dada?"
Me: "Where did you say we're going?"
M: "Cheezies!" (crazy)
Me: "We're almost there, Buddy! In just a minute!" (hahahaha)

--Driving through the shopping plaza, alllll the way to the end--

M: "Is that store Cheezies? Is that one it? I see Cheezies! Let's go in that store, it's Cheezies! I can't wait to go to Cheezies, Dad! Is it that one? That one? Where is Cheezies?"
(pointing out the window at every store along the way.)
Bran: "Ok Maddux, we're not going to Cheezies anymore!"
M: "OOOOO whyyyyyy? I wanna go to Cheeziesssss, DaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaa!!!"
Bran: "Because, we're gonna go to Michael's."
M: "Oh, ok! Let's go to Michael's house!" (Michael's craft store)

Silly little guy!
Love ya to pieces!