Thursday, January 21, 2010

{ Just For You }

Hi, M. here!
In honor
of our Wonderful and Loving Grandma's Birthday today,
we thought it would be fun to have Mom record our day for her.
We wanted it to be a FuN and ExTrA-SpEcIaL day because
that's what our days are like when we visit our Grandma!

First thing in the morning I called my Grandma to wish her a very Happy Birthday!
I wanted to color a picture for her present.
It was so fun that I wanted to color my face a little bit,
just for My GrAnDmA!!!

K.'s present to Grandma are her cute little piggie tails for the first time!!
She hopes you love them very much, Grandma!
Then, we had some lunch.
Sis and I thought that it would be fun to have a party with the fries
and pretend it was confetti for your birthday!
Then somehow in between my Mom's bites of her lunch,
Sis and I sneaked into the living room with our tomato soup
and DuMpEd It all over me!! (and the rug!)
It was definitely a lot of fun!
I guess Sis was still hungry...
but there wasn't much left in the bowl!
I looked at Mom when she came in and said, "More please!"
After Mom cleaned up the mess she could tell that I really was still hungry
so I talked her into giving me a yogurt.
Most of it made it into my tummy!
Well, since we partied all day long, it was time for a bath!
Sis and I love our bath time!
We had sketti's for dinner and they were yummy!
We love eating sketti's at your house, Grandma!
We loooove sketti's just like We LOVE You!!!!
J. wanted to color you a picture for your birthday present, too.
He told Mom that he wrote Happy Birthday
"in all these different languages"

and colored it blue because that is your favorite color!
He was being so silly for your picture!
He loves to make you laugh, Grandma!
We even had CuPcAkEs to celebrate you today!
They were yuuuuummy!
We love making cupcakes at your house with you!
Well, here we are today on your Birthday, Grandma!!
We love you very, very much
and wish we could have been with you all day today on your SpEcIaL dAy!!
(and so does Mom!)
Happy Birthday!

Lovingly Yours,

J. the Party Planner
M. the Party
K. the Party Mascot

We All Love You!