Thursday, February 11, 2010

{ Buried }

It hasn't dumped this much snow here since I was about 13 yrs. old.
Power went out for a few days...
and the kids thought that our refrigerator outside
the window
was pretty cool.
Favorite treat made in our new fridge/freezer:
OJ Ice cubes on a toothpick.
The un-plugged life was a breath of fresh air for us.
It also helped remind us of all the many things we enjoy on
a day-to-day basis that go virtually unnoticed or under-appreciated
until you don't have their convenience to rely on anymore.
And what wonderful opportunities to serve one another.
We were brought meals, offered places to stay, and
were able to help others make a path through the snow.
Definitely all paths of service that lead us to be a little more humble,
a little more grateful, and just a little more like Him.
Thank you, Friends.