Thursday, February 4, 2010

{ While We're on the Subject }

M. has been enjoying his "Tay tay tow" lately.

That's how his little ears heard me say Play Dough
and I just don't even correct him because he's already giving me
one too many signs that he's growing up at lightning speed.

Sweet little things like that only last for so long.
He will play for almost an hour by himself and even longer
when Daddy or I play with him.

He loves to mix all the colors together and calls it his cake or pie.
He likes to bake his cakes and pies, too.
I love his imagination.

He is also fond of "Tay tay tow" soup.
It has been the Special on the lunch menu this week.
Delish, I tell you, this busy little boy of ours.
Things can get very interesting the longer he plays
with his
"Tay tay tow."
Watercolor paints become the object of his imagination.
And you can kiss those fabulous cakes and pies buh-bye
and say hello to these cute little piggies!
And just today while we were hanging out together
K. grabbed a piece of the dark mixed up play dough
and took off running
(she does this all day long with M.'s toys!)
and she threw it on the floor somewhere.
About 5 minutes later Daddy asked M. to pick up
the piece Sis threw on the floor and pointed out where it was.
M. hops off the couch and walks over to it,
bends down cautiously, pokes at it,
then squishes it through his fingers and drops it.
"No, it's just poop!"

Always keeps us laughing, this boy!