Saturday, March 13, 2010

{ Inherited Gifts }

We all love to welcome Grandma by coloring fun pictures to hang up
all over the house.
Especially J.
He and his Grandma are something very special to one another.
2 special people make one very special relationship.
That is one of my favorite talents in Grandma.
She makes everyone she meets feel that they are so special. Just by being herself.
It's really quite amazing.
And, I think her eldest grandson may have inherited her special gift.
2 very special people that share one amazing spiritual talent.
To be able to see someone and really see them.
Without judgment.
Without expectations.
Without defense.
Much like how children are naturally.
What a gift to possess.
But, as we grow up our experiences sometimes seem to help along
the growth of judgment, expectations, and defense.
Yet, as we become as little children in our adulthood, we can discover again
the ability to really love others,
and ourselves
when we center our lives on the Lord.

He can make more of us than we ever could on our own.

I love the natural childlike example J. is to all of us.
His ability to accept anyone for who they are,
and to love them unconditionally
with his whole heart.
And, I love that Grandma is this same example to us in her adulthood.
Even when it can be so hard...
Forgiving and forgetting.
Learning and unlearning.
Hurting and healing. Entirely.

Much like receiving His image in her countenance.
I feel of her love and as a result I can feel His love for me.
For this gift that is hers to share, I am eternally grateful.
Spiritual talents are, indeed, beautiful sacred gifts.
And, so well-earned.