Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{ The Blessings of Brothers & Sisters }

"In the chaos, clutter, and commotion you call {home} 
 you will often doubt your ability to give your child everything he or she needs. 
You will wonder if you should have more children. You will wonder if having more children will negatively or positively affect your child. Then time will pass and you will discover that you have been able to give your child something much more {lasting} than a room of his own, lots of nice clothes, and your continual undivided attention. You have given your children each other. 
That constant thing called a brother or sister can't be divorced or lost in a bad financial venture. Your children will always have someone to fight with and someone to laugh with. They will always have someone to slug and someone to hug. They will have someone they're not speaking to and someone to tell all their secrets to. They will have someone to sit next to at family reunions and someone to disown.
Even though your children may have to share the bathroom, hot water, and attention 
with several other siblings, they will have the privilege of learning that
there {is} such a thing as too much privacy and 
too many possessions.   
 Yet there is never such a thing as too much family 
or too much love
Someday your children will thank you for giving them lifelong best friends... 
 {each other}

~Janene W. Baadsgaard
{The LDS Mother's Almanac}
{Christmas Eve campout 2009}