Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{ Gals Only Morning }

So, today Miss K. & I went on a little shopping trip with our
in full effect :)
Armed with a few coupons and off we went! For a play by play of our morning check out
MY TWITTER ACCOUNT for fun pics/picks!!!

As most of you know,
thanks to my friends at Nature's Knockout,
I am a work in progress in clearing out my old "toxic-ingredient"
laden cosmetics and body care products and purchasing new "Toxic-FREE" ones.
Bare Escentuals is safe and has a wonderful selection. My two choices of lipstick are:
Black Currant & Bavarian Creme
Each $15
used my 15% off Beauty Insider coupon and it knocked it down a few bucks!
Online promo code for you is: MADNESS thru 4-19.
Go! Go use it and buy yourself some SAFE lipstick.
After all, we "eat" 7 lbs. of lipstick in a lifetime (on average)
so it might as well not have ingredients linked to cancer and
reproductive/hormone disorders, right?
For more info. check out this site:
Skin Deep

Next up, is LUSH!!!!
I've heard sooooooo much about this place but never thought to look
in MACY'S for it! Of course, I was lured in by all the cosmetic/perfume counters
and out of the corner of my little eye I noticed all the chunks and bars of goodness!
Sis and I will be trying out the Bath Bomb "Fluffy Egg."
It was on sale for $3.95 but lo, I held onto a Macy's giftcard worth
a WHOPPING............ .78 cents!
Seriously. I know. But, like a fool, it gets me in the store if I have a discount.
So, with tax almost covered by the measly gift card
& already $3 off b/c, heck, it's an EGG & Easter's ova'
I got this lil pretty for CHUMP change :)
*Update: I checked in with my friends at Nature's knockout about LUSH products.
It is a fact that UNLIKE food regulations, products do not follow any rules regarding
the order in which their ingredients are listed.
Although *parabens* (bad news, highly toxic to our bodies) are listed dead last
in the ingredient lists of Lush products, there is nothing to indicate that there
are are only trace amounts, the way food ingredient lists are regulated
highest amounts to lowest amounts.
Thank you, Laurie and Tiff, for your stellar examples.*

Our dear friend who is like family, Pam (we live in her lovely home), gifted us not one,
but TWO of these AWESOME "Kid's Stuff" coupon books.
I use them for everything. Lovin' life with these coupons.
So, off to Crazy 8 we rolled with our 15% off coupon on entire purchase!
So, the *HOT PINK* tulle skirt was $12 and the flip flops were on clearance
for $4.99 already, so we got outta there virtually unscathed.
O how fun is it to have a girl. THE PINK, I tell you!!!

Well, the pink doesn't just stop at girls around here.
Brandon would like to disagree.
But, seriously, M. can ROCK this shirt, he is such a STUD!
So, when I dropped him off to spend the day with Mimi, she gave me a $10 off coupon
at EACH of these stores:
Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic! Sweeeeeetnessssss yo.
So, this pretty... I mean STUDLY... little ditty for Devon cost me, uh, $0.00!!!
On sale for $9.99 & cashed in my free $10 bucks! holla.
I know, Brandon says it's worth that much in that color for a boy.
But, I still stick with M. being enough of a stud to pull it off completely.
Heck yah he can.
So, this is how I shop... this is how I roll... in the mall, at any & every store I hit.
I love it! Here's my Nature's Knockout friends' blog that lists a lot of deals for
organic beauty products and for awesome mall store coupons.

I have more of these kind of "hauls" I can post, just gotta take pics of everything...
Stay tuned!