Thursday, May 13, 2010

{ Perspective }

 So, the annual "Take-your-child-to-work-Day" came around again this year.
B.'s job is not the most kid-friendly job in the world, even with being a teacher.
He works with troubled high-school age kids, many of whom are awaiting felony charges/trials.
Broken homes and broken choices create broken lives and broken hearts.
There really isn't a better person to be put in charge of these kids but B.
He is just what the doctor ordered for a broken heart and for someone to believe in them.
He is frequently asked how he is able to handle large groups, whether it be as a coach or as a teacher. 
His answer is getting to know them on an individual basis.
Get to know them one at a time and then you know how to reach them individually, among a group.
He's actually had other students stick up for him and for the rules,
using a few colorful words of not so great choice. 
J., remembering the explanation his Dad gave him last year, knew that He wouldn't be going with him to his job again this year. Everyday B. comes home with stories involving past students convicted of murder on the front page of the paper, armed robbery, or a runaway being pulled out of a tree by the police.
So, on a lighter note, we reinforced that it would be best that he not go b/c the kids Dad teaches make wrong decisions and have to go to the principal's office a lot and say bad words.

So, J. and his friends were discussing their parents' jobs on the bus.
Some are businessmen, others are policemen,
J. proudly told his friends that:
"My Dad teaches bad kids not to swear!"

I think that is the coolest job a Dad can have.