Sunday, May 30, 2010

{ Sunday's Best }

::Memorial Day Inspired::
: cardi JCP : top NY&Co. : skirt Wetseal : necklace, shoes ThriftStore : bracelet Claire's :
: outfit Gymboree : shoes Gap :

I have a blog friend over at Clothed Much that inspires me and I thought I would do a little something with that inspiration... Every Sunday I'd like to share a weekly {Sunday's Best} post with photos that emphasize fashion and style. Those of you that know me well are aware that being a young mom of 3 means athletic tees and shorts with flip flops or tennies every day of the week! So, with that said, I'd like to share/journal the {creative outlet} that dressing up is for me and my family. I love the {personal expression} that comes with dressing and accessorizing and of course the hunt to find the {perfect piece} to complete an outfit. I love sales, second-hand stores, my sewing machine, and clearance racks. I love anything cute and where ever I find cute {and reasonable} I buy, whether it be Walmart, the mall, thrift stores, Joann Fabrics, or boutiques. In my opinion, it's not really about {where} you buy your clothes. That's pretty easy. It's more about how the {puzzle} fits together once you discover all of the {pieces}. It's about {the masterpiece}.
So, enjoy this mom's fun idea to share her family's Sunday outfits!