Monday, December 6, 2010

{ Beauty School Baby }


When we go to our friend Adi Bea's house M. loves to do her hair.
What can I say, I carried him in my belly for half of my Cosmetology education...
it must have been the fumes.
and the fact that of my 3 babes he came out with a full gorgeous head of hair...
that I immediately faux-hawked.
Who am I kidding...
this handsome little boy has been a divo  from the start:
Since he was jaundiced a bit he had the opportunity to spend a day or two in the tanning bed lamps to rid his little body of the excess bile and they protected his little eyes with cool shades an eye patch. He was born to shine and that he does, brightly and boldly for all to notice. We love our little stud muffin boy so much!