Monday, February 7, 2011

{ Quality of Life }

Today our little 2 year old princess is having an adenoidectomy. 
She has been perpetually sick (normal) through the cold and flu season, however she ended up on anti-biotics more than 6 times for infection in what I thought were her sinuses. 
A closer look at the ENT provided an x-ray of grossly enlarged, infected adenoids that not only were the cause of the constant green junk oozing out of her nose, but also narrowed her airway significantly. The Dr. stated it simply to a very reluctant mommy: 
"It not a question of life or death,
it is a question of quality of life." 
I got the point. 
We want her to thrive in life and this was the answer, despite wanting to call and cancel it
a million times because of fear. Of course, it's right. 
Here's to a skilled medical team and a speedy recovery
{prayers appreciated}