Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{ Happiest Birthday Boy }

Happy four years to our wonderful, lively little boy Maddux De-von.
What we love about Maddux is that he has a soul set on fire. 
He is the shooting star across our sky, born to stand out. 
He gets messy {A LOT} and teaches me that this is the way he doesn't just learn, 
but comes to understand his surroundings.
He imagines up his world each day and teaches me that to have dreams is more important than just going through the daily motions of life. 
He challenges me to really LIVE, to dig in and get messy and make mistakes
and that truly, this is what success is. 
He teaches me the value of a single moment and helps his busy mom to slow down and enjoy it with him.
That the little things are really the important things,
like bare feet in the grass, fresh-picked flower bouquets of dandelions and tiny violets, 
bubbles in the bath, and being held to fall asleep.
What is better than that.
Nothing is better than love, real love.
And, the way a child loves is always real.
Maddux, especially today, but everyday we want you to know that we love you so and adore you.
You teach us everyday how to enjoy life.
It is a joy to be your mother and a sweet challenge to enjoy life 
the way you do. 
{Simply and Courageously}
Thank you for your shining example, my 4 year old little boy.