Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{ Our Light Within }

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Because I love the Father
I want the minds of men to be lifted
When they look at me
Because I am His daughter
I want my devotion to him
To be what they see
I don't need the attention of immodesty
I am confident in my divinity
I didn't come to earth to compromise
I came here to hold up my light
No matter what the world may do
I’m a daughter of God
And I'm holding on to virtue

I want to lead a life that
Is full of so much good
It attracts the light to me
So I'm trusting in my Father
To magnify the beauty
He has placed in me
I am confident in my divinity
{Jenny Phillips}

I loved this quote from Charity, the girl in the video:
"When I see someone who is modest I feel like they understand who they are."
They know they are a daughter of God.

{the song VIRTUE is #5 on my playlist by Jenny Phillips if you want to listen to it}