Sunday, May 15, 2011

{ Parking Lot }

obsessed. to put it mildly.
this kid can sit in a parking lot all day and point out the same model car in every different color.
in fact, we hung out for the first time with rachael for a few hours one day and in the next day or two we were waiting in a crowded parking lot and he said, "mom, that's rachael's car, but in red!" 
sure enough, it was a honda civic, rachael's exact car. he continued to point out about 5 more civics in different colors as "rachael's car" that day.
at 3 years old. {last year}
he loves to watch cars leave and asks me to stand and wait with him while people pull away.
he loves to watch people open & close their trunks.
he notices when things are different about cars he is very familiar with...
like the day mimi lost a hubcap, you bet he is was the informant with,
"why does mimi have one black tire?"
he points out everyone's car that he knows, both parked in lots and while we're driving. 
especially when he sees grandma's "white car that aunt andrea drives now" or "the black car."
he knows cars. it's definitely his thing.
in utah last summer, out little family lived with grandma and grandpa for most of the summer
{total blast}
uncle yoshi was visiting soon-to-be aunt jessica out in utah as well.
we were waiting for uncle yoshi to come over to grandma's house for a haircut and maddux was looking out the window for him. he says, "that's uncle yoshi's car!" it was minutes after i just hung up with him to arrange the haircut so i knew it couldn't have been him arriving yet. but, maddux was over at the window, pointing. i walk over and there was no way he was even close to seeing the driveway. here, he was pointing up at grandma's picture board and sure enough, there was a picture of jackson and in the far corner of it there was just the tire of the car uncle yoshi drives at home, that maddux hadn't even seen for months bc uncle yosh lives in va and we are in pa. yet, we were in utah and he was driving jess' car. he totally identified it, from memory. just turned 3 years old. floored me!
every time i just look at him and ask, totally amazed,
"how do you know these things!?"
he always responds, "i don't know!" 
he loves to stop and read off the numbers & letters on license plates, too. 
he currently loves vans and mini-vans and desperately misses "our old van" 
and tells me at least once a day that he "doesn't like our new S.U.V."  
you better believe he points out every nissan quest he lays his eyes on while we drive.
apparently, his dream car. ha he's so cute.
everything about cars he is all about.
neatest thing ever.
the car gene definitely runs in the family. on both sides.
he's double whammied with the gene!
i cannot wait to see what he pursues with his talents, abilities and knowledge.
of course, for now, lightening mcqueen and tow-mater are at the top of the list!