Thursday, January 28, 2010

{ Love Notes }

(Mom awoke to playing & laughter)

Every work-day morning Dad slips out of the house by 5:45 am.
Occasionally, one small child will awaken and I often hear, through my grogginess,
his/her needs being met by their father as I slip back into my slumber.
A gentle word of comfort, a small drink,
or chicken nuggets and a salad (another post all in itself!)
Around 7am everyone is stirring and usually it is J. who climbs into my bed
for morning salutations.
I love this time of the day for a few reasons.
The whole new day ahead of us, a fresh start kind of feeling.
And, mostly because my kids are so {cheerful}.
Sometimes, I hear of dreams concerning sports, other places we have lived,
or the phenomenal ideas that make our slumbers so worthwhile.
Then, like a switch, J. bounds out of bed in search of "Dad's note."

When he spots his note he loves to run back to me
and either read it to me in its entirety or most of the time
he's cheering upon return,
happy to find out that the Pens won the game that he and his Dad
fell asleep
to the night before.
You can bet he counts on that note from his Dad every morning
to start his day {off right}
Once the bustle of the morning routine has drawn to a close
and J. is successfully on the bus
(luckily the bus has to pass the house twice & we can catch it on round 2!)
I fix my own breakfast and read the note that was left for "J, M, & K" that
is usually up on the microwave for me to find.
Over the years of leaving me these little tokens of love,
the recipients have increased as our family has grown.
I love that.
Whether the notes contain the latest sports scores, a Thank You
for a great dinner the night before, or telling us how much fun he had
just hanging out as a family

we also are told of the things he doesn't have to say.
That are much quieter,
and tender.

And, each morning, at the start of my every day,
I am grateful
for the
sweet reminder.