Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ My Silly Goose }

We have a favorite video in our house; Once upon a (long) time (ago) it was mine,
then passed down to J. and now it is M's.

So, it was tub time and we have lots & lots of toys to play with. M. always loves to play with the little watering cans. On several occasions I have heard him repeat the same nursery rhyme, slightly different, each time he pours out the water in his can.

"Mary, Mary quite cont-fnjnjf,
How does your garrrrden g'wo?
With kdjakfafr bells and fkfjkf;lsfdk shells
and so my garden g'wos."

Once he was done pouring out the water he started to fill it up again with a teeny weeny cup.
I got a bigger cup and helped him fill up the can quicker and once it was overflowing he turns to me with this huge, silly grin and says, "Thanks Mother Goose!"

I just about died of laughter.
My very own little Goose
(with a case of the sillies!)