Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{ Someone Special }

C is for Cheerful
H is for Helpful
E is for Extraordinary
L is for Loving
S is for Special
E is for Example
A is for Award-winning Smile

Happy Happy Birthday to the Most Special 11 year old I know!
We all love you to pieces, Miss Chelsea Girl, and for so many reasons!
You are so {cheerful} & help everyone around you to be happy and to smile.
You help me in so many ways with the little ones and know just how to replace
their little frowns & tears with smiles & laughter.
We are so fortunate to have you in our lives because you are so {helpful}.
After we miss the bus on round one, I look out and see
that you wait for J. to come down so he doesn't have to
wait for the bus on round 2 all by himself.
You are an amazing friend and are so willing to help
out of the goodness of your heart.
I want you to know that you have so many {extraordinary} talents and
I'd like to Thank You for sharing them with us every single day.
I've never seen such polished and natural qualities in someone so young.
You give of your whole heart and you do it because it makes others happy.
That is a power and wisdom you possess that is far beyond your young years.
You are so special.
And, yet, you make everyone else feel like they are the most special person alive.
You are so full of {love} and you shower us with it by writing us poems,
making picture collages of all our special memories, and especially by
being so kind-hearted and patient with all the kids.
It takes a very, very {special} person to give so much of their time to others
and to share the best of what they have with everyone.
You share everything you have and think more of everyone else
before you think of yourself.
I absolutely stand in awe of you.
You are such an {example} to me 100% of the time I am around you.
There is no one else I'd rather have help me so much with my children
because you try your very best to love them and are so gentle with their feelings.
You are teaching them to be kind and loving to each other just by being yourself.
You are a positive example to your friends and you always choose the right,
even if the right answer isn't always the popular one.
Always remember how good that feels, and how much more important it is
to be happy with yourself at the end of the day,
even if others aren't happy with you for doing what you know is right.
And, don't ever stop smiling because your {smile} is contagious!
You brighten up everybody's day with the happiness that you share in your smile.
It's really hard to have a bad day if you just keep on smiling.
And, you never know whose lives you are touching when you smile;
a restoration of hope, an affirmation of goodness in a darkening world.
And, you are just the girl to make a beautiful difference in the world, Chelsea.
Your Heavenly Father created you and loves you so much.
He has given you wonderful blessings, among them,
a wonderful mother and father who love you so very much.
And your little brother who thinks of you as often as he thinks of himself.
He always makes sure you have a turn and always wants you on his team.
That is so special, Chels.
Your family is so special and has taught you to be so kind and good.
Your mom has touched my life in so many ways.
She is so good.
Your family is among my greatest blessings.
We love you all so much.

Hope you eleventh birthday is one that you'll never forget, girlie!
You deserve it!

Now how about some purple pancakes?!?! ha ha